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Ceiling Backstops

Repair Or Replace Equipment For Your

Basketball Court

If you'd like assistance with basketball backboards, backstops, goals, nets, wall mounting, or winches ... click below to see how we can help:

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Gymnasium Divider Curtains

Install Or Replace World-Class

Gym Divider Curtains

Use divider curtains to get the most ‘bang for your buck’ out of any rec center, school, or university gymnasium (while keeping athletes / visitors safe).

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Why Is It Hard To Get The Best Gymnasium Equipment For Your Budget?

Unfortunately, when it comes to researching the best gymnasium equipment companies to work with, many gymnasium facilitators across the country are noticing…

It Can Get Confusing

There are thousands of options to choose from when it comes to getting gymnasium equipment installed, repaired, or replaced. This can get a tad overwhelming at times, right?

It Can Take Months

Doing your research, flipping through gymnasium equipment catalogs, and getting quotes from different vendors around the country — all of this adds up to time you can’t get back.

It Can Be Expensive

Purchasing the wrong piece of gymnasium equipment that doesn’t actually fit the needs of your gymnasium (or hiring the wrong company) can cost you thousands of dollars.

Equipment Can Get Damaged

Improper installation of gymnasium equipment can lead to wear, tear, and damage of your new equipment. That’s why it’s important to select the right company to work with.

Equipment Can Malfunction

Improper maintenance of gymnasium equipment can lead to equipment malfunction… which ends up costing schools, universities, and rec centers even more money to fix.

Equipment Can Be Dangerous

Hundreds of students, athletes, and faculty use your gymnasium every year… and the last thing anybody wants is an injury to take place because of gym equipment malfunction.

That's why so many top-ranked schools & universities turn to...

The Simple Solution That Removes All Stress

Gym-Sport Services removes any stress you might feel regarding your gymnasium equipment. We do this by creating a simple gymnasium equipment plan for you specifically customized to your gym’s unique size, budget, and equipment needs.

Here’s how this works, in just TWO STEPS …


Determine What Type Of Gymnasium Equipment You'd Like To Fix, Replace, Or Repair


Basketball Equipment

If your gym has a basketball court, you know how important it is to keep your equipment (backboards, backstops, mounts, winches, etc.) in the best condition it can be.

Gym Wall Pads

Gym Wall Padding

Gym wall padding is essential for keeping athletes safe and equipment protected, which is why Gym-Sport Services custom fabricates wall padding for schools, universities, and rec centers.

Gymnasium Divider Curtains

Gym Divider Curtains

Host multiple sporting events and practices at your gymnasium at the same time by using gym divider curtains to turn ONE gym into multiple “gyms” at once.

Install scoreboards for your football field or basketball court


Make a great impression on every fan in the stands with world-class (and well-functioning) scoreboards for your football fields, baseball fields, and basketball courts.

Gymnasium safety inspection for quality assurance

Gym Safety Inspections

Keep athletes, students, and faculty members safe from gymnasium equipment malfunctions by having routine safety inspections performed for you.

Emergency Help With Gymnasium Repairs

Need Emergency Help With Your Gym?

Apply to become a “Gym-Sport Preferred Customer” which allows your gymnasium emergencies to be addressed within 24-48 hours (…along with many other ‘perks’).


Request Free Expert Help With Your Gym


Click one of the red buttons on this page to schedule a free call with a gymnasium equipment expert.


Based on your gym’s size, budget, and equipment needs – you’ll receive a custom plan and a quote.


Gym-Sport Services can take care of all your gymnasium needs so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore!

Gym Sport Services

About Us


Gym-Sport Services is recognized today as the “quiet leader” in the school gymnasium equipment industry…

…happily servicing & maintaining state-of-the-art gymnasiums for schools, colleges, and universities across America.

Over the past 17 years, many top-ranked schools and major universities have used Gym-Sport Services to service basketball backboards & backstops … install gym divider curtains & wall padding … conduct detailed safety inspections… and much more.

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