Gymnasium Wall Padding

Wall Padding For Any School Gymnasium, Rec Center, Or Training Facility

Gym wall padding is essential for keeping people safe and equipment protected. Select the wall padding you're interested in below...

Gym Wall Padding

Perfect for school gymnasiums, basketball courts, and fitness centers - this wall padding is custom cut and fabricated to match the colors and design of your gymnasium.

Residential Wall Padding

If you’ve got a home gym, then these wall padding panels are the perfect fit. They’re easy to install on your own, and just as easy to maintain, so you can complete your home gym setup with ease.

Stage Wall Padding

If there is a stage in your gymnasium (common for elementary schools) these are the best wall pads to ensure that every edge, corner, and hard surface of the stage is sealed for safety purposes.

Interested In Wall Padding For Your Gym?

Gym wall padding is essential to keeping people, children, and equipment protected when using your gymnasium. However… finding (and maintaining) wall padding that is custom-cut and fabricated to your specific gymnasium can be challenging.

That’s why many top-ranked schools, universities, and athletic facilities turn to Gym-Sport Services when they want to replace or install new gym wall padding.

If you’d like expert assistance picking out or installing gym wall padding for your school or facility… click the button and request a free consultation call now:

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