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Top-ranked schools, universities, and athletic facilities call Gym-Sport Services when they want to replace, repair, or install backstops for their basketball systems. Scroll down to see examples...

Ceiling-Hung Backstops

Ceiling hung backstops are popular indoor basketball options used in schools, universities, and recreational facilities.

4-Point Wall Mount Basketball Backstop

Wall-Mounted Backstops

Wall-mounted backstops are a popular style for schools, churches, rec centers, and other indoor facilities.

Portable Basketball Backstop

Portable Backstops

Portable backstops are traditionally used for high levels of competition indoor play in high schools, universities, and pro arenas. Smaller portable backstops are popular for youth play, side courts, and rec centers.

Want An "Assist" With Your Basketball Backstop Equipment?

If you have a backstop for your basketball court that needs to be installed, repaired, replaced, or even just inspected… you’re in the right place.

Gym-Sport Services has been the “preferred vendor” for many world-class gymnasiums when it comes to working on ceiling-hung backstops, wall-mounted backstops, and portable backstops across a variety of indoor & outdoor basketball courts.

(Probably because we’re so dang quick & easy to work with).

No “hoops” to jump through. No pun intended.

If you’d like to save time and get all of your basketball backstop questions answered … simply click the red button and book a free call with us today:

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